You may smoke for all sorts of reasons such as the enjoyment of smoking, for weight control, to act mature, to look and be cool, due to peer pressure or because you think you are addicted. But did you know there are approximately 4,000 poisons in ONE cigarette and these are added during the growing, harvesting, processing of the cigarette and manufacturing of the paper. Smoking is bad for your health especially your lungs, your heart and your immune system.

The benefits of stopping smoking are: 

  • Reduces breathlessness
  • Sense of taste will improve
  • Skin will look clearer
  • Your breath, clothes and hair will smell better
  • Reduces the risk of lung and heart disease
  • Reduces the risk of cancer
  • You are more likely to live longer
  • Save money

Ten top tips to help you stop smoking

1.  Make a list of reasons to stop
2.  Identify when you crave cigarettes
3.  Make a plan to quit smoking
4.  Think positive
5.  Get some support (a buddy to stop with you, or use nicotine replacement products)
6.  Keep your hands and mouth busy
7.  Be active
8.  Think about what you eat and try to eat healthily
9.  Watch your alcohol intake especially if it is a trigger for smoking
10.Consider being around non-smoking friends

Avoiding a relapse

Having ‘just the one’ is how you are most likely to go back to smoking. Sometimes if you feel tired and are tempted to give in, remind yourself to THINK POSITIVE. Remind yourself of why you have stopped and remain determined and the difficulties will pass.

Curiosity – what would it be like to have a cigarette after all this time?

Complacency – Because you haven’t smoked for a few weeks you may think it is safe to smoke

Control – You may think you can have the odd puff now and again as you feel you have  learnt to control your smoking

For further support visit NHS smoking services

Margaret Cook  M.Ed  Dip Hypn  MBACP
Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor

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