As a qualified counsellor quite often I am asked to explain what is counselling? usually when seeing a client for the first time.

Some people think that counselling is just talking about what is going on in your life or having someone there to listen to you, and in some ways that is what it is. However, it is more than this. Talking about our thoughts and feelings is a way to see things more clearly as sometimes we are part of the problem because we are so often involved in the situation. We are too involved or we have got into a pattern of thinking a particular way or acting in a certain manner.

Talking things through with another person, such as a counsellor can help you to see things more clearly such as from a different perspective, rather like an outsider looking in on the situation.

Counselling can also help you to find coping mechanisms or strategies to deal with the situation. For example, if you change how you think or feel then this means that the other person or situation has to change because things are no longer what they were. This is often the catalyst for change to happen.

The counselling session is a safe, supportive and confidential environment for you to talk freely about whatever is on your mind. As a counsellor, it is not for me to be judgemental of what you are talking about. It is your session and so you talk about what you want to talk about. However I may ask questions to clarify or to help you see things from a different perspective or to fully understand the issue or concern.

Please share this if you think it may be helpful to someone you know and if you would like more information you can contact me.

Margaret Cook      M.Ed Dip Hypn MBACP